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¬† Hello! I’m SARATU MILLER.


BSc Botany, MBA, MPA, Pgd Marketing, Pgd Management.

10 years in the health space – 4yrs with a specialists clinic & US National Institutes of Health.

A professional with multi sectoral experience, having passion for Health and wellness, with special interest in women thriving and succeeding.

 About Heal in Nature

Heal in nature is a lifestyle company providing an online platform for working women to access alternative health solutions such as therapies, health Supplements and automated routine health checks to keep mind and body in a state of wellness and enjoy the benefits of mental alertness, increased energy level, improved immunity and youthfulness.

My company provides women with an affordable and effective healthy lifestyle through a planned regimen of Aromatherapy, Naturotherapy, Mindcare Therapy, Body Therapy, Organic Dietary supplements. Our services are online and easily accessible for patients who are very sick and cannot afford to reach the hospital.

Due to challenges in the health sector, wrong diagnosis, inadequate number of health professionals and low incomes earners not able to Access good medical healthcare, i have set up an affordable, easily accessible and effective medical solution for women.

Hello! I’m Samuel Adavba

Samuel Adavba is a medical practitioner and lecturer. He has a medical degree and a Masters in Medical Genetics, with over 20 years of service as a clinician. He is also currently researching the immunogenetics of communicable diseases with a particular focus on HIV. Additionally, he is interested in finding scientific evidence to support any positive modifying effect that is derivable from naturally occurring biological agents, which will help to streamline the wide-ranging claims on the effectiveness of these substances.

Hello! I’m Aisha Ibrahim Abbas

Aisha Ibrahim Abbas is a Nigerian Legal Practitioner and entrepreneur with a specific interest in Health and tourism. A married mother five young children she is particularly interested in and working toward finding that work and family balance necessary for a relatively stress free life for women.

Hello! I’m Ochuko

Ochuko is a Teacher, Speaker, and a Consultant with close to two decades working in the education industry and a decade experience working with entrepreneur mums she refers to as BossMums.

She is a world bank scholar, certified emotional intelligence coach/therapist and Self care strategist.

As a holistic wellness advocate, her passion and belief that it is possible for women to win on all fronts (family, health, spiritual, business, finance etc) has driven her work in developing practical and workable strategies to attain this goal.

Hello! I’m James Bujor.

James Bujor opens the lines of communication between clients, customers and businesses to get business deals done. With good experience in the private sector, James has experience in business development, team building, business operations, supply chain, strategic implementation and company collaborations. James has managed projects for Harckenest’s fishackthon event championed by the U.S department of state, He won the 2019 partnership award with Max International as he continues to effect the business world. James holds a B.Sc from the University of Jos and Diploma in Personnel Management and Labour from the University of Calabar both in Nigeria.

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